Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Catch-Up Post

Hi Friends,

I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, but then when it comes to writing it all down it seems as if I can't think of anything to write.  One bit of exciting news is that we are expecting again!  It's taken me some time to say anything about this.  I'm not sure why, but I guess I'm just being cautious in addition to being super busy with a very active one year old.  I am due in May, Jackson and the new baby will be 19 months apart.  I did have this period of complete freak out when I first found out.  I had said all along that I wanted another baby soon after Jackson, but when it all became real I started to question my thought process.  I think part of it was that I was completely exhausted and it was hard to entertain Jackson all the while being super nauseous.  I'm feeling better now, and I'm starting to tell friends.  I have been more emotional this time around, with Jackson I was just plain mean.  The nauseousness has not completely left and with Jackson I started to feel amazing around week 10.  Here we are at week 15 and I still have some super nauseous moments.  Maybe that's a good thing and I won't gain as much weight as I did with Jackson:)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  I was thankful it wasn't at our house, I'm not a fan of the clean-up:)  It was nice to have both sets of parents in one place and not have 2 Thanksgiving dinners to go to.  I told my husband that it would just be too difficult to do 2 Thanksgivings and 2 Christmases with Jackson.  He's a great napper and he needs them!

We got pictures done and they turned out great!!

Here's a 2010 picture:

Here we are this year:

It's crazy how things change in a year!