Friday, January 31, 2014

Baby Harris #3 is.......

Last week we found out what our newest addition will be. Since I knew this would be my last baby, I wanted to do something special to find out what the baby is. I didn't want the ultrasound person to just blurt out what it was. We planned to do a gender reveal party with our family. I wanted to do cupcakes from Joe's Coffee Shop since their cupcakes are amazing! They had told me originally that they wouldn't be able to fill the cupcakes, but that they could frost them all pink for a girl or blue for a boy. We had our ultrasound on Thursday and we have a healthy baby, which was most important to us. The ultrasound tech wrote the gender on a paper and put it in an envelope for us to give to the Coffee Shop. I was a little nervous that we wouldn't know what our baby was if they lost the paper especially because they wrote down all my directions on a tiny post it with a sharpie, but I handed it over anyway! I asked my mom to pick up the cupcakes on Saturday (the day of our party) just in case they weren't covered. If any one had to know what it was then it could be my mom and Josh and I could still be surprised. I told the cashier that I wanted the paper back that the doctor had given us. She assured me that all would be as promised. Well, my mom went to pick up the cupcakes and they had the post it on top of the cupcakes, but all the cupcakes were yellow!!

I was freaking out when she called me and told me. She said that maybe the answer was in the cake, but of course no one at the Coffee Shop knew that since the bakers were not there at the time. I could not believe this was happening! They had circled the correct gender on the post it, but I wanted there to be more excitement and I felt like looking at a post it would be such a let down. After I calmed myself down, I decided that either way we were finding out what this baby was today whether it was from a cupcake or a post it.
We had asked the kids several times what they thought the new baby was. Jackson was confident that it was another girl and I started thinking maybe he had a sense for what this baby really was. We also kept a lot of Hayden's super cute clothes and the season was the same as this baby, so it would work if it was a girl. Hayden said it was a boy, but I figured she's still a little young to know what's going on.
I was beginning to feel like my mom was just trying to torture me with making this dinner last so long and not just giving us the cupcakes. The time finally came to have the cupcakes. They looked delicious and we were so so excited!! I just broke it open because I figured that's where the answer had to be and sure enough...

We are so excited to be having another boy! I'm so happy that even though Hayden will be a middle child, she'll still be the only girl and daddy's only princess! 
On another happy note, my sister-in-law just found out she's pregnant and they had been trying for a few years! I'm so happy for her and all of these blessings just assure me that God is good. There's no other way to put it, He is so good to us. He knows just what we need. He probably knew that Josh couldn't handle another girl because he's got such a soft spot for Hayden. God even knows this little boy I'm carrying, He knew him before he was even formed within me and that gives me such peace.